Branch stores

  • Town of Kremenchuk, head office

    town of Kremenchuk, Vatutina Str., 31
    Chain stores "LoginSsmak":
    (0536) 73-99-10
    (0536) 73-99-15
  • Branch store in town of Poltava

    ул. Гаражная, 7
    Sales department:
    (067) 535-28-98
    Петрова Ирина
    Chain stores "LoginSsmak":
    (0536) 73-99-15
  • Branch store in town of Myrhorod

    town of Myrhorod, Danyly Apostola Str., 9
    Sales department:
    (098) 877 28 24
    Гришко Владимир

Our opportunities

Due to close cooperation with the leading producers of sweeties our company gives its customers the widest range of confectionery assortment which can surprise and make happy the most discerning consumers who like the sweets.
Our company pays individual attention to servicing of every customer.
We are always glad to see you.


Production is delivered within 24 hours to more than 3500 stores of Poltavska and Kirovohradska regions.


Managers of our company deal with all major distribution channels: multi-level retail business, wholesale and retail markets, retail stores, stalls.


Office premises are comfortable, heated, conditioned. Also there are meal premises. The company has its own vehicle fleet and service station.


Specialized accounting program of production flow based on 1C «Enterprise» application was implemented at the enterprise.


High motivation level, career prospects, participation in training with the best specialists of this sphere.


Areas of more than 4000 sq. m., equipped with approach roads and loading bays. Premises where cooling equipment can be installed.